Privacy Matters

You wouldn't like to have any one watching over your shoulder to see what you have in your wallet and following you everywhere to see how you spend your money, do you?

That's exactly what happens on the blockchain! Using a mixer will anonymize your Ethers and give your privacy back.

Right to Privacy

Mixing your Ethers or other cryptocurrencies falls straight under the Right to Privacy which is a Constitutional Right in more than 150 constitutions over the world.

This Right is designed to protect the privacy of individuals by restraining governments tendencies to threaten it.

Ethereum (ETH) Mixer

This app will give you back your anonymity by mixing your ETH and obfuscating the true origin of your Ethers.

The mixer is fully automatic, and no human intervention is required to mix your ETH.

Other Cryptocurrency Mixers:


The mixer is used by many everyday and successfully mixed more than 100,000 ETH.


The mixer entirely relies on automatic scripts and smart contracts, but no human.

Instant Mixing

The mixer will provide you with pre-anonymized ETH before even mixing yours.


The Mixer not collect any activity data that could be used to identify you.

Important notice,

  • If you never used our Ethereum Mixer before, we kindly invite you to read our FAQ section.
  • Mixing Fees: 3% + 2×Transaction Costs .
  • Minimum transaction: 0.05 ETH.
  • Maximum transaction: 5,000.00 ETH.
* Where do you want us to send you anonymous ETH?
* The mixing delay enhances the obfuscation process.
* We do not check...

3 Easy Steps

Set up the Mixer

Enter your Ethereum forwarding address and use the slider to choose a mixing delay, and click on Start.

Send your Ethers (ETH)

The mixer will provide you with an Ethereum Wallet Address for you to send the ETH you want to mix.

Receive your Anonymized ETH

For every ETH sent to the mixer, the corresponding amount of Anonymous ETH will be sent to your forwarding address.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ETH mixer?

An Ethereum mixer (anonymizer, tumbler or obfuscator) is an Ethereum anonymizing service designed to anonymize Ethereum Transactions. It obfuscates the true origins of Ethers giving back anonymity and privacy to its owner.

Why should I mix my ETH?

  • Because the Ethereum blockchain is public, anyone (Individuals, Compagies, Governments, ...) can watch what you are holding and how you spend your Ethers.
  • Mixing your Ethers will give you back privacy and anonymity by swapping your ETH with Anonymous Ethers that will be transfered to an anonymous wallet of yours.
  • Non-exhaustive list of reasons for Anonymity:
    • Stop stalkers.
    • Prevent hackers to target your wallet.
    • To fund political party.
    • To avoid abusive taxes.

Who linked my wallet to my ID ?

  • Even if you try to be careful with your wallet, you might not be Anonymous!
  • Examples:
    • Governments and Exchanges: You bought or trade ETH on an exchange? KYC or not, this exchange saved your IP Address and shared it with Governments.
    • Sellers: You bought anything with your wallet? The seller might have asked for your identity (for billing) and certainly saved your IP Address.
    • Hackers: If a hacker breaks into your computer or phone, he will also know your wallet address.
  • Keep in mind that your IP Address is directly linked to your identity (through your internet service provider).

Are there Fees for mixing?

  • Yes, the ETH mixer is using multiple smart-contracts & chain-swap, behind the scene to provide the best mixing service.
  • Fees also protect users from blockchain analysis by modifying the input/output transactions' value.

How to calculate fees?

  • Fixed fees: 3% (inherent cost of mixing)
  • Variable Fees: 2×ETH Transaction Cost (provide you with anonymous ETH & collect your old ETH).
  • Example: For a 1$ Transaction Cost, if you send 1 ETH: you'll receive: (1-3%)=0.97 ETH minus 2×1$.
  • You can check Transaction Costs (Gas Fees) here.

What is a forwarding address?

This is where the mixer will send your Anonymous ETH after the Forwarding Delay.

What is forwarding delay for?

Forwarding Delay is the time the mixer will wait before sending your obfuscated ETH after your deposits. Forwarding Delay helps to avoid blockchain analysis by delaying your forward transactions.

What is blockchain analysis?

  • The basic functions of Blockchain Analysis involve transaction analysis and fund tracing. To bypass mixers, blockchain analysts will see the ETH leaving your wallet and search through the whole blockchain for another wallet receiving the same amount of ETH.
    • Thanks to Fees: The Amount of ETH you will receive differs from the amount you mixed.
    • Thanks to Forwarding Delay: A lapse of time will happen between your deposit and your Anonymous ETH reception.
    • Your mixed ETH will and forwarded ones will never cross the same wallets.
  • This Ethereum Mixer is Blockchain Analysis Proof!

What if I accidentally exit(ed) the mixer?

  • No problem! As long as your mixing session hasn't expired, you can resume it using your "Session ID". If you didn't save that ID, no big deal, every deposit made to the mixer will automatically be processed and Anonymized ETH will be transferred to your forwarding address (after your Forwarding Delay).
  • However, if you wish to mix more Ethers, we advise you to create a new mixing session.

Do you enforce KYC?

  • No & Never! The server is located in the Cayman Islands and does not cooperate with the Financial Actions Task Force (FATF), the entity enforcing KYC.
  • The ETH Mixer requires no human intervention, it is entirely automatic and does not ask for anything before processing your mixes.

Do you collect information on visitor?

No! The ETH Mixer is hosted on s server that has a No-Log policy and does not collect or store any information regarding visitors.

Is it safe to use?

  • Yes, every mixing session will provide you with a Guarantee Letter, this document bonds us to Mix every Ethereum sent to this particular deposit address and forward them to your Forwarding Address.
  • Ethereum Mixer has been recommended by BeInCrypto.
  • We recommend you to download this letter, and we advise you to delete it after receiving your Anonymous ETH (destroy evidences).

Another question?

Our team will be happy to assist you: contact us

Contact us

If the FAQ does not answer your questions, our team will be pleased to assist you.
* We will need it to reply to your message.
* Do not forget to include your Session ID (if you have one).

Resume your Mixing Session

It is impossible to resume a session that have been deleted or expired.
* For the session you want to resume.

You Lost it?

Do not worry, if you already started to mix any Ethereum, those transaction(s) will automatically be processed by the Mixer and the corresponding anonymous of ETH will be forwarded to your Address.

However, if you didn't make any deposit to the mixer yet, or if you want to mix more ETH, we invite you to create a new mixing session.

Mixing Info
  • Session ID:
    • Keep this ID to resume your session if connection is lost.
  • Expire in:
  • Forwarding Address:
  • Forwarding Delay:
  • Mixing Fees: 3% + 2×(Transaction Cost)
Deposit address

Deposit Address:

  • Minimum Deposit: 0.05 ETH
  • Maximum Deposit: 5,000.00 ETH

To Mix your Ethereums, send your ETH to this Deposit Address using the Ethereum blockchain.
The Mixer will automatically detect your transaction and show it under "Deposit(s)".
Once your deposit confirmed, the mixer will schedule a "Forwarding Transaction" to send anonymous ETH to your "Forwarding address".

Waiting for your Deposit(s)
Forwarding Transaction(s)

* After mixing your ETH and if you do not want to mix more Ethereums, we recommend you to delete this session in order to destroy any info related to it. Every session will automatically expire and be erased after 24 hours.

Once deleted, do not send any coins to this wallet!

Session Not Found

This Session does not exist, this can happen for different reasons:

  • You typed a wrong Session ID.
  • This Mixing Session has been deleted.
  • This Mixing Session has expired (after 24 hours).

If you lost your Session ID, do not worry, every ETH deposited before expiration will automatically be mixed and sent to you.

If you want to mix more ETH: Create a fresh new Mixing Session.